Rejection Stickers

19VAC30-70-60. Rejection stickers.

A. Only one rejection sticker shall be issued to any one vehicle. A rejection sticker shall not

be issued to any vehicle already bearing such a sticker or to one which bears evidence of

previously being issued a rejection sticker. When a vehicle is bearing a valid or expired rejection

sticker, it is not to be removed unless the vehicle meets all of the inspection requirements.

B. A vehicle rejected by one station may be reinspected by another station if the owner

desires to have this done; however, that station shall perform a complete inspection of the


C. Reinspection of a rejected vehicle by the same station during the 15-day validity of the

rejection sticker need include only a check of the items previously found defective, unless there

is an obvious equipment defect that would warrant further rejection of the vehicle. Such

reinspection will not constitute a complete inspection and a $1.00 fee may be charged.

Furthermore, if a vehicle returns for reinspection within the 15-day period, the rejecting station

will reinspect the vehicle without delay or at conclusion of the current inspection being


  • 1. If additional defects are detected during reinspection of a vehicle previously rejected, the vehicle will not be issued an approval sticker.


Revised August 1, 2012

19VAC30-70 – Motor Vehicle Safety Inspection Rules And Regulations


  • 2. No vehicle bearing a valid rejection sticker shall be entitled to receive more than two reinspections by the rejecting station during the validity period of the rejection sticker.
  • 3. The validity period of the rejection sticker shall be 15 days in addition to the day of inspection.
  • 4. Any vehicle that is presented for inspection at another inspection station after the 15- day validity period, if the vehicle was rejected for brakes, and the inspector cannot determine which wheels were checked, then all four wheels will be removed to ensure that all repairs or defects have been corrected.

D. If repairs are to be made to a rejected vehicle that would necessitate removing the

vehicle from the inspection lane, no rejection sticker need be issued; however, the vehicle must

be returned to an approved lane for a recheck of the rejected items and the application of the

approval sticker.

E. If the vehicle does not meet all the requirements and the owner does not authorize

immediate repairs, and if a rejection sticker has not already been issued, a rejection sticker shall

be legibly filled out in its entirety with a black ball point pen. Automated MVIP stations are

required to have the certified safety inspector performing the inspection enter the receipt

information via the MVIP system. The complete vehicle identification number (VIN), tag number

or car dealer name if a dealer tag is attached, mileage, year, make, and model shall be

included. A circle to indicate which wheels were pulled to check the brakes and an individual

mark shall be placed in each equipment block of the rejection sticker that was pertinent to the

rejection. In addition, information may be written on any blank area as to the exact nature of the

rejection (i.e., front brakes vs. rear brakes). The date of issue shall be punched, and the sticker

affixed to the same location as indicated in 19VAC30-70-50 C, E, and G. (When affixed to a

trailer or motorcycle, the face of the rejection sticker shall be attached to the trailer or

motorcycle in order to allow the rejection data on the back side to be read.)

F. The operator of the rejected vehicle shall be informed of the following:

  • 1. The rejection sticker is valid for 15 days in addition to the date of inspection.
  • 2. The rejection sticker places no travel restriction on the operation of the vehicle and is issued in lieu of an approval sticker.
  • 3. The vehicle operator is legally responsible for any defect if operated on the highway and may be subject to a traffic summons for any existing equipment violation.

G. Duplicate copies (pink) of rejection stickers shall be forwarded, in numerical order, to the

Safety Division by the fifth of the month following the month of inspection. The yellow copy shall

be retained, in numerical order, by the station for at least 24 months.