Motorcycle Tires, Wheels, Rims

19VAC30-70-400. Motorcycle tires, wheels, rims.
Inspect for and reject if:


Revised August 1, 2012

19VAC30-70 – Motor Vehicle Safety Inspection Rules And Regulations

  • 1. Any tire has a cut or puncture, not to include a plug or patch that may be used as a
    manner of repair, or is worn so that the fabric is visible.
    NOTE: Plugs/patches shall be in the tread area only. Plugs/patches are not permitted in
    the side wall of the tire.
  • 2. Any tire has knots or bulges in any side wall or if there is evidence of a broken belt
    under the tread or of the tread separating from the fabric.
  • 3. Any bolts, nuts, lugs or spokes are bent, loose or missing. Rims or wheels are bent,
    cracked or damaged so as to affect the safe operation of the motorcycle.
  • 4. Wheel bearings are excessively worn or out of adjustment.
  • 5. Any motorcycle is equipped with a tire that has a tread depth measuring less than
    2/32 of an inch when measured in accordance with the instructions set forth in
    subdivisions 6, 7, and 8 of 19VAC30-70-130.
  • 6. Any tire is marked specifically for use other than on the highway such as “For Farm
    Use Only,” “For Off-Highway Use Only” or “For Mobile Home Use Only.”
  • 7. Any motorcycle tire has been recut or regrooved.
  • 8. Directional tires and/or wheels designed and manufactured to go in a certain direction
    or rotation are not installed in the proper direction of rotation.