Motorcycle Muffler and Exhaust System

19VAC30-70-390. Motorcycle muffler and exhaust system.
Inspect for and reject if:

  • 1. Vehicle has no exhaust line or tailpipe if the system is designed for same.
  • 2. A muffler has been repaired with a jacket, a patch or in any other manner.
  • 3. Vehicle has installed a muffler cutout or bypass.
  • 4. Any components of the exhaust system are not properly secured.
  • 5. Leakage of gases is noted at manifold gaskets, muffler and muffler connections, or at
    any point in the exhaust line.
  • 6. Tailpipe opening is pinched or mashed.
    NOTE: If a vehicle is inspected that does not have a muffler, the inspector should
    explain to the customer that although the vehicle will pass inspection without a muffler, it
    is a violation of state law for the vehicle to be operated on the highway without it.