19VAC30-70-220. Mirrors.
Inspect for and reject if:

  • 1. Any motor vehicle is not equipped with at least one mirror.
  • 2. Any 1969 and subsequent model motor vehicle, designed and licensed primarily for
    passenger vehicular transportation, is not equipped with at least one outside and one
    inside rear view mirror.
    NOTE: The inside mirror cannot be removed on these vehicles even if it has an outside
    on each side.
    Vehicles equipped with only one outside mirror must have the mirror on the driver’s side.
    EXCEPTION: No multipurpose vehicle shall be required to be equipped with an in.side
    rear view mirror if it does not have a rear window or if the rear window is so obstructed
    as to prevent rearward vision by means of an inside rear view mirror, if the motor vehicle
    has horizontally and vertically adjustable outside rear view mirrors installed on both
    sides of such motor vehicle in such a manner as to provide the driver of such motor
    vehicle a clear view along both sides of such motor vehicle for a distance of not less
    than 200 feet.
  • 3. Reflecting surface of mirror is cracked, broken, peeled, pitted, clouded, tarnished, has
    sharp edges, reflects more than one image or a distorted image, or is not mounted
  • 4. Mirror does not give the driver a clear view of the road 200 feet to the rear.
  • 5. Interior rear view mirror.
    • a. Mirror is loose enough that rear view is impaired.
    • b. Mirror cannot be adjusted or will not maintain a set adjustment.
  • 6. Exterior rear view mirror.
    • a. Mirror is loose enough that rear view is impaired.
    • b. Left mirror is obscured by an unwiped portion of windshield or mirror is mounted
      so it cannot be adjusted from driver’s seat. (Applies to 1969 and subsequent model
    • c. A right side mirror is not required if the reflecting surface of the mirror has been
      completely removed from the mirror housing; however, a vehicle will be required to
      have two outside mirrors if there is a sticker or stickers, regardless of size,
      sunshading or tinting film on the rear side windows or rear window.

NOTE: A single sticker no larger than 20 square inches, if such sticker is totally
contained within the lower five inches of the glass of the rear window and does not
obstruct the center high mount brake light, is allowed and will pass inspection.