Hood Latch System

19VAC30-70-260. Hood latch system.
A. “Hood” means any exterior movable body panel forward of the windshield that is used to
cover an engine, luggage, storage or battery compartment.
B. Inspect for and reject if:

  • 1. Each hood is not provided with a hood latch system that will securely hold the hood in
    its proper fully-closed position.
  • 2. A latch release mechanism or its parts are broken, missing or badly adjusted so that
    the hood cannot be opened and closed properly.
    NOTE: The hood latch release inside the passenger compartment is only for security
    and shall not be rejected under this section. If the hood latch cable can be accessed
    from either the inside or outside of the vehicle and opened by pliers or similar method,
    then it will pass.
  • 3. Latching system on a vehicle equipped with a tilt cab is defective, broken, missing, or
    not properly adjusted so that the tilt cab is held securely when it is in its latched position.