Frame, Engine Mounts, Coupling Devices and Emergency Chains

19VAC30-70-120. Frame, engine mounts, coupling devices and emergency chains.
Inspect for and reject if:

  • 1. Frame or unitized body of any motor vehicle, trailer or semitrailer is broken, cracked,
    bent or damaged at any location, including any welded joint and/or is rusted or corroded
    to the point the frame is weakened as to constitute a hazard during the operation of the
  • 2. Engine or transmission mounts and hardware is broken or missing. This includes all
    hardware bolts and bushings used for mounting to the vehicle’s frame, engine, or
    transmission. Any engine or transmission mount should be rejected if they allow the
    power train to come in contact with the firewall or other body parts.
  • 3. Trailer hitch or pintle hook is not securely attached. Reject if the pintle eye or trailer
    drawbar has any cracks or if any welding repairs have been made to the pintle eye.
  • 4. Chains, cables, etc., used to attach a towed vehicle are not securely attached or are
    broken, worn or abraded.
  • 5. Fifth wheel does not lock in position or have a locking mechanism in proper working
  • 6. Fifth wheel assembly system has any leak of fluid or air.


Revised August 1, 2012

19VAC30-70 – Motor Vehicle Safety Inspection Rules And Regulations

  • 7. Fifth wheel has any broken, missing, or damaged parts; or is not securely attached to
    the frame.
  • 8. Trailer king pin is not secure, or is broken or worn so as to prevent secure fit in fifth
  • 9. Any movement is detected at any location where any device has been placed
    between the body and the chassis.
  • 10. Trailer is not equipped with an emergency chain or steel cable.
    NOTE: Fifth wheel assembly system does not require an emergency chain or cable. A
    fifth wheel is defined as a device which interfaces with and couples to the upper coupler
    assembly of a semitrailer. The upper coupler assembly is a structure consisting of an
    upper coupler plate, king pin and supporting framework which interfaces with and
    couples to a fifth wheel. Ball and socket connections also referred to as hitch and
    coupling connections are not fifth wheel assemblies and do require an emergency chain
    or steel cable.