Brakes: Trailer (GVWR Less than 10,000 Pounds)

19VAC30-70-100. Brakes: trailer {GVWR less than 10,000 pounds).
Inspect for and reject if:

  • 1. Trailer brakes do not comply with 19VAC30-70-80 and 19VAC30-70-90.
  • 2. Operator does not have full control over brakes. For the purpose of this subdivision,
    surge brakes are considered to be in control of the operator.
  • 3. All trailers, manufactured or assembled after January 1, 1964, having an actual gross
    weight of 3, 000 pounds or more are not equipped with emergency breakaway brakes
    designed to:

    • a. Apply automatically upon breakaway from towing vehicle.
    • b. Remain fully applied for at least 15 minutes.
    • c. Apply and release by operation of the manual emergency control.
  • 4. A minimum of one wheel must be removed from each axle equipped with brakes to
    inspect the brake components.
    NOTE: Trailers having an actual gross weight of 3,000 pounds or more, but with a
    manufacturer’s gross weight rating of less than 10,000 pounds, need not be equipped
    with brakes on all wheels.

    • a. Exception: Wheels on trailers equipped with open brake mechanisms are not
      required to be removed.
    • b. The inspection receipt approval and rejection shall be marked to reflect on which
      side the wheel or wheels were pulled.